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In 2018, it’s no longer a secret that the average internet-surfer is an impatient creature requiring instant gratification. This includes instant, easy to access and sift-through results.

The average business and website owner understands this makes competing for the user’s attention extremely difficult. If you aren’t in the top ten, you might as well be invisible.

This is where our Houston search engine optimization services come in.

And before you ask about Houston SEO…

Yes, Houston SEO Services Are Still Relevant

Some have been hearing lately that SEO is no longer relevant. Some even claim that it is dead.

Unfortunately, these are dangerously misinformed and misleading assertions based on the fact that SEO is changing. Strategies for SEO are indeed changing in many ways, but the need to optimize your website is as relevant, if not more so, than ever before. The best SEO companies in Houston know this.

So, how is search engine optimization in Houston changing?

Well, here are a few things that search engines don’t like and aren’t fooled by anymore:

  • keyword stuffing
  • personal blog networks full of backlinks but little value-adding content
  • poor quality or fake content, even if it has been “optimized” in other ways
  • littering the internet with backlinks to your site

Yes, there are changes, and search engines are getting better at identifying authentic, quality content that is closer to what their users want and need. But all the changes mean is that search engine criteria for identifying and ranking a site is ever changing, as it has always been.

The bottom line still remains: search engines need to collect information on websites, identify what sites are most relevant to their user’s search, and present sites in the most helpful way possible.

This means that the masters behind the curtain still have to program the engines with algorithms to help them sift through the millions of pages of content, identify relevant, quality information for the search, and rank and present the information from most relevant to least.

Here are what search engines are looking for now:

  • Legitimate, quality content
  • Value-adding, timely information that benefits the user
  • Geographical relevance (even for non-brick and mortar businesses)
  • Real and positive reputation

So, far from being dead, SEO in Houston has become all the more important and complex. You still need to optimize your website so that it will rank highly and be competitive. You just have to meet stricter criteria and actually present valuable content on your website as opposed to simply checking off a few SEO tactic boxes.

In other words, you have to be better at marketing to your ideal target audience and creating a quality brand.

Yes, You Need to Hire a Houston SEO Expert

If it is not obvious already: yes, you will need a SEO Houston, TX expert. Houston is a major national hub, and competition is brutal for almost every industry. There are many, many elements that work together to make up a solid SEO strategy.

The average business owner lacks the time as well as the knowledge to launch their own SEO campaign. Let’s not forget all the time required to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape that are search engine algorithms.

Furthermore, small- to mid-sized businesses rarely, if ever, have the financial resources available to hire their own full-time marketing team with the expertise necessary to launch complex, successful SEO campaigns.

If you want to see results and create a website that truly goes to work for you, you need to hire a real Houston SEO consultant like Charles Brian International.

Services to Expect from a Houston SEO Company

 As stated above, a successful SEO campaign is a complex conglomeration of strategies and services. What you can expect from a true SEO Houston expert, such as Charles Brian International, includes:

  • Boosted Search Rankings

    Like it or not, the majority of internet users won’t look past the top ten results to find what they are looking for; most won’t even look beyond the first three.Thus, it is detrimental that your website rank highly in relevant searches.

    At Charles Brian International, we are proud to be an SEO expert in Houston. We bring over 15 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. We know where SEO has been and where it’s heading and we know how to get your rankings up.

    As your SEO Houston expert, here are a few of the services and tactics we will use to boost your rankings:

    • Research and analysis of keywords most frequently used by your target audience
    • Creation of new content strategies to provide quality content to your target audience
    • Reputation building via quality content, quality backlinks, listings, reviews, social media and more
    • Applying local SEO Houston services by putting your brand in local listings and creating profiles for review sites
    • Careful naming and indexing of your web pages to ensure they are visible to search engines
  • Boosted Organic Traffic

    Naturally, when you start ranking higher organically, you start getting more traffic as more searchers see your website closer to the top.This is huge because statistics are already demonstrating that websites that rank highly naturally, as opposed to those that pay for advertisement spots at the top of searches, are chosen over the advertisements much more frequently. The higher your site ranks organically, the more it will be noticed and preferred.

    But your organic traffic flow will increase for other reasons as well. Fresh, value-adding content will draw authentic seekers to your site, as will your presence on local listings and review and industry websites.

    All of these steps will expand your brand’s exposure to the right audiences and significantly boost your traffic.

  • Boosted Quality Traffic

    Of course, organic traffic means better quality traffic for you. Because the optimization will be honed towards your target audience, the increase in traffic will be from those already interested in your services or product who are much readier to buy.

  • Boosted Sales

    With an increase of quality traffic from your ideal target audience, an increase in sales is a natural by-product. When more people who want to find your services/product and who are in mind to purchase them are able to easily find you, there really can be no other result except an increase in sales.

  • Boosted ROI

    With an increase in sales comes, of course, return on investment. And because we offer some of the best SEO services Houston, TX has to offer, we provide you with clear metrics to track the successes of the campaign. You will be able to see exactly what we did, how it influenced traffic, what type of traffic it brought, and how it impacted sales.Your ROI will not be a mystery!

Working with the Best Houston SEO Agency 

If you are needing quality SEO, Houston can’t offer you better expertise than Charles Brian International. As an SEO agency in Houston, we have the experience, knowledge and passion necessary to see your website rise to the top.

Give us a call to schedule you’re a meeting with a SEO consultant in Houston today!

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