About Us

Charles Brian International is a full-service marketing and advertising agency providing Madison Avenue caliber services to small businesses. Our team has extensive experience with advertising agencies and reputable vendors. Charles Brian specializes in both media and creative services.

Our Mission

We had a very simple credo that we live by:

Create a basket of services that cater to the advertising needs of our clients through:

  • Careful analysis of what would work best for clients from among a gamut of media choices
  • Comprehension of the client’s pulse
  • Clearly defined strategies
  • Customization to client-specific requirements
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Combination of Creative & Technical acumen
  • Creation of a conducive environment for free-flowing communication and the
  • Conviction to break complexities into simple solutions

The key word that has been, and continues to be our driving force is: COMMUNICATION. We believe that communication has to be loud, clear and capable of cutting through barriers that would otherwise make their presence felt. It is this sheer passion that drives us to explore, exploit and extend the power of media to our clients and thereby magnify their visibility to a global audience.

Why Choose Charles Brian for SEO, PPC, and Programmatic Advertising?

So, what makes Charles Brian the one-stop-shop for our distinguished & discerning clientele?

  • Our Objective – to help you contact, connect and communicate

  • Our Service – to explore, exploit and extend the power of media

  • Our Portfolio – diverse, distinct and delivered to perfection

  • Our Strength – the ability to redefine, refresh & reinvent design solutions

  • Our Competence – comprehensive communication solutions

  • Our Experience – online as well offline communication

  • Our Expertise – creating a sustainable presence for our clients across these platforms

  • Our Niche – incorporating a corporate working style in a creative workshop

  • Our Deliverables – the best blend of creativity and technology

At the end of the day, it is the consistent value-addition which we extend that makes clients count on our portfolio of services, time and again.

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