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What does it take to get noticed on an e-commerce giant like


To stand out from the competition, you’ll need more than a great product – you’ll need a killer Amazon SEO strategy.

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Trusted Amazon SEO Solutions for Your Business

To optimize your product listings for the A9 algorithm and improve your product visibility, our Amazon SEO experts use a variety of Amazon keyword tools and marketing strategies.


Keyword research

Keywords are how customers find your products. Using a variety of Amazon keyword tools, we choose only the most relevant keywords so that the consumers who see your products are more likely to make a purchase. Knowing what Amazon keywords are best for each product is key to improving your sales ranking quickly.

Amazon search optimization

We’ll track your Amazon keyword rankings to make sure we’re using the most effective strategy possible. By using a variety of Amazon tools to monitor your campaign and ensure thta your listing is climbing up the Amazon search pages.


product page optimization

Part of an effective Amazon SEO strategy is making sure that your individual product titles and descriptions appeal to your audience. Product descriptions don’t just offer another opportunity to boost your Amazon keyword ranking – they’re also an opportunity to convert customers..

increased sales

We believe in using a comprehensive approach to increasing sales and visibility. The combination of Amazon SEO, PPC, sales, and reviews will increase the power of your listing exponentially. We are here to help you drive more revenue.

competitive analysis

We’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of the competition so that we can make your product stand out. By comparing their offerings to yours, we can help you choose the best pricing strategy and a USP (unique selling point) that makes your product special in a sea of similarity.

professional Copywriting

Our professional copywriting will take your listings to the next level, helping to increase Amazon SEO as well as conversion rate optimization. We will maximize the impact your title, product features, and product description has on prospects.

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Increase Conversion Rates

Great content will not only increase your visibilty in the search rankings, but it will also help to increase conversions when people visit your page.

Leave the product listing optimization to a professional and focus on running your business.

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Reduce Bounce Rate

Amazon’s search algorithm takes conversion rate into account for rankings. Do not leave money on the table with a listing that does not convert.

We have professional copywriters that will create content that converts…moving you up the rankings and increasing your sales at the same time.

Drive More Traffic

To be fully effective, Amazon search engine optimization is not enough. You need traffic going to your product listing to drive sales because Amazon search rankings incorporate sales along with product/keyword relevance.

The best approach is to incorporate paid traffic into your strategy, leveraging Adwords PPC, Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO, and Facebook Ads to drive prospects to your listing

We provide a comprehensive marketing strategy that sets you up for long-term success on Amazon and beyond.

The Importance of Amazon SEO

Million Sellers

Million Products

Million Customers

Why does your business need an Amazon SEO strategy?

Establishing yourself in a market with more than 2 million sellers and over 550 million products isn’t easy.

No matter how many success stories you read, improving your Amazon sales rank can still feel like an impossible task when you’re just starting out.

That’s where we come in.

When there’s no easy solution, you need to create a strategy to achieve your goals.

Our job is to create that strategy for you using years of digital marketing experience and the best Amazon tools available. All you need to do is provide the product.

So here’s the bottom line.

If your product listings aren’t fully optimized, you’re losing hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of potential impressions and conversions.

The sooner you consult with the Amazon SEO experts at Charles Brian, the sooner you can start enjoying the benefits of a higher Amazon sales rank – more customers and more sales!

How Amazon SEO Works

One of the most common mistakes sellers make is applying Google SEO strategies to Amazon’s search engine.

But Amazon’s search engine is completely different from Google’s – that’s why you can’t rely on just any SEO experts to choose the best Amazon keywords. Effective Amazon optimization requires the help of a digital agency that has experience working with the A9 algorithm that calculates Amazon search results.

The A9 search engine ranks products based on two main factors – performance and relevance.

  • Performance: The more your product sells, the higher your Amazon ranking – it’s as simple as that.
  • Relevance: How well your product matches a consumer’s search query based on your chosen Amazon keywords.

If you’re just starting to sell on Amazon, you probably don’t have the sales history needed to rank for performance – that’s why the main focus of our Amazon SEO services at Charles Brian is to help you rank higher for relevance. By making it easier for consumers to find your products, we improve your product sales, which further boosts your Amazon sales rank.

Fully Integrated Amazon Optimization Strategies

As a full-service agency, we’re able to integrate our Amazon SEO services with other digital marketing strategies to create a comprehensive advertising campaign for your business.

When you combine Amazon SEO with Google SEO, programmatic media buying, PPC management, and Facebook advertising, you’ll see your Amazon ranking soar above the competition in no time.

SEO alone usually isn’t enough to kick start a brand new product, which is why we especially recommend combining SEO with PPC advertisements to boost initial sales. We’ll manage the entire digital campaign, so all you have to worry about is managing your product inventory and running your business.

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Whether it’s improving your Amazon keyword ranking or increasing consumer awareness through a Facebook ad campaign, we’ll work with you to create the most efficient and effective campaign possible.

But we understand that there are a lot of digital agencies out there, especially in NYC, making the same promises. To really understand what makes Charles Brian different, put us to the test and schedule a consultation to find out exactly how we can help your business succeed.

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