WordPress for Dummies

wordpress for dummies.

WordPress is the by far the most widely spread content management system (CMS) for building websites. It is an open source and widely adopted by developers which means you can find a professional WordPress plugin to do just about anything that you can think of. You can use WordPress as a blog, a small business site, a large portal, an online magazine, a job board site, a forum and anything you can think of.

WordPress for Dummies Book

WordPress For Dummies, 9th Edition helps readers discover the power of the WordPress web content building tool. Web builders have created 75 million websites using WordPress and this book will show you how to add your blogs and websites to that count. 

WordPress For Dummies, 9th Edition drops you right into the fast lane to publishing your first website or blog by teaching you to: 

·         Customize a theme  

·         Create your first post  

·         Use WordPress as a content management system  

·         Work with multimedia formats  

·         Add plugins to your site  

·         Establish a publishing routine 

Perfect for new bloggers, experienced bloggers converting to WordPress for the first time, and people accustomed to WordPress who want to learn more about the full potential of the technology, WordPress for Dummies, 9thEdition  is an indispensable addition to the library of every blogger and webmaster.  

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