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    Digital Marketing

    Home to the concrete jungle and the creme of the crop, NYC is also home to one of the best web design companies…Charles Brian International.

    We excel because we are digital marketers that think strategically about your business and how your website maps back to business results.

    That means that our clients not only receive aesthetically pleasing websites, but they also receive websites that are fast, built on a strong foundation, future proof, SEO optimized, and ready to serve as the foundation of their online presence.

    We focus primarily on WordPress since 35% of the Internet is powered by WordPress which means there is a large developer community to tackle business needs and you have a support system long after your project ends with us.

    Modern Web Design and Development

    SANAIA Applesauce Website Designed by Charles Brian International
    SANAIA Website

    Our design starts with the user in mind, opting to make the user experience as simple and easy as possible.

    This is the approach we took with SANAIA when we created their ecommerce strategy prior to their brand airing on ABC’s Shark Tank, helping them to handle the massive amount of traffic that they received while on the show.

    We mapped out the entire strategy for SANAIA before their episode and created a plan for everything from site speed optimization to web hosting, analytics, and New York SEO.

    SANAIA Website Design

    Below are a few screenshots of our ecommerce work for SANAIA.

    Homepage (Desktop)


    Product Page (Desktop)

    Product Page

    About Page (Desktop)

    About Page

    Product Page (Mobile)

    Mobile Product Page

    SANAIA is a great example of how we were able to execute expeditiously and flawlessly on center stage while the world was watching.

    Websites for Every Industry

    Dental Smiles Unlimited

    We can build top notch websites for ecommerce, informational, and B2B websites alike.

    Since we are real marketers, we start with your target audience and your end goal in mind and then provide a recommendation to help you achieve your goals.

    Even if you do not sell product directly on your website, your potential customers will look at your website before deciding whether or not to do business with you.

    Whatever your goal is, we are here to partner with you to take your organization to the next level.

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