If you have heard something about New York City you have learned about its distinctive energy, the buzz, crackle, and power that cuts through the atmosphere. Like every legend relating to this town, this energy is different, but maybe not quite as ever-present as you could think.

I am able to let you know that the energy of New York City does feel different than any other city I’ve ever been. GrantedI have not stepped foot in each metropolis around the planet, but I have been around the block over a few, and New York City’s energy is every bit as quirky as palpable as you have been told.

But this exceptional energy does not exist everywhere in town. To experience this charming Electric Magnetic Field you Want to adhere to Midtown Manhattan, from around 59th road (the southern tip of Central Park) down to approximately Union Square, 14th Street, North to South, and 7th Ave to Broadway, West to East. If folks discuss New York City’s signature power they are speaking about the psychological cost you’ll discover inside this massive block around the town’s island.

When you depart this lively locus you will end up crossing many different neighborhoods each with its own tone. The Upper East and Upper West sides feel distinct from one another. The East Village and the West Village contrast youthful exuberance on one side and put back sensuality across the flip, and in between the two you will strike the student-centric city blocks surrounding New York University’s primary campus. Soho feels different compared to South Ferry, and travelling the island up on Broadway you will encounter a marketed change as Columbia University provides means to Mexican West Harlem that gives way to the”Little Dominican Republic” of Washington Heights all over the period of a couple of dozen blocks.

With that you have just covered a portion of Manhattan alone. The town’s other four Boroughs also encounter their own remarkable shifts in tone, cultural identity and lively fingerprint. The moment you leave the middle of Manhattan you understand New York City does not feel like only 1 thing. Based on where you decide to research, New York City may feel just like anything, and anyplace, you desire.

The Downside of Anything

Unfortunately this implies that although New York City may be an unbelievable place filled with some of the greatest adventures the world has to offer, it is just as both house to the worst of all. Visitors to New York City frequently dismiss this potential, the capacity for badness from badness’ most boring expression. Visitors tend to assume that just because something’s in New York City, it has to be great, unforgettable, life changing.

This isn’t true, and the disconnect between New York City’s romanticism and reality was driven home to me when a Spanish friend of mine, fresh from Madrid, recoiled in absolute shock when she bit into a piece of pizza she found in Midtown and realized it was inedible.

New York City, home to 10 million, spills over with mediocrity, with people who don’t care, who aren’t driven, who don’t desire achievement in life’s station. The city is filled with cooks who can’t cook, store owners with no taste, and artists without inspiration. Living in New York City by no means insures that you are any better than anyone else, or offer anything better than one could find anywhere else.

Yet New York City’s ambitious image isn’t entirely unfounded. In this city you can stumble upon the best the world has to offer. You can discover incredible restaurants whose dishes are as innovative as they are masterfully executed. You can encounter stores curated with the greatest collection of wares, whether clothes or shaving creams or antiques, you will ever find. You can meet the world’s greatest artists, comedians, and writers as they perform revelatory shows for just $5 a ticket.

New York City does not default to the incredible, but it is home for more incredible people and experiences than just about anywhere else in the world. You simply need to put in a little work to find them.

Getting the Most Out of New York City

Lose the preconception you can simply walk down the street, turn into the first shop you see and receive the best of the best. Wandering around New York City with this mindset will lead to sore feet and shattered expectations. Instead, leverage the community of bloggers, reviewers and hobbyists who are hard at work categorizing and rating everything the city has to offer. Know what you’re looking to experience and then do the research needed to find the best in the city.

The one service I’ve found most consistently useful for navigating New York City and identifying great places to eat, shop, and relax is “Yelp”. I use the Yelp app for my smartphone every time I’m in an unfamiliar neighborhood, or in a familiar neighborhood and find myself with an unfamiliar need to fill.

But to help you get started on your trip, here are a few of my favorite haunts in Manhattan, all of which are absolutely worth checking out:

Housing Works Thrift Stores – Most”thrift” stores in New York City are more accurately labeled as”second-hand” shops and are full of clothing which are hugely overpriced and staffed by disinterested past-their-prime club-kids. By comparison the Housing Works brand provides authentic thrift shops – their places are often restocked, inexpensively priced, well-organized, and all profits go towards battling HIV/AIDS rather than towards encouraging some over-aged scenester’s cocaine dependence. I suggest shopping their places from the richer areas of Manhattan, such as the Upper West Side and Chelsea.

Grounded Coffee Shop – New York City does not have any conclusion of coffee stores, the majority of which are underwhelming. Jump the fair cafés and visit Grounded, situated on Jane Street away 8th Ave in the West Village. Grounded includes all of the yummy lunch foods, smoothies, carbonated drinks and baked products you could ever desire, all at great prices, along with free wireless and a comfy interior full of exposed brick and a little jungle of amazing plants permitted to run rampant.

Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater (UCB) – There are not very many entertainment places as always entertaining as the UCB, that includes live improv, sketch, and storytelling events each night of the week. Virtually each and every display rings up at only $5-$10 a ticket, such as romantic displays featuring big-name comedians like UCB co-founder Amy Poehler (Parks & Recreation).

Dumping Man – Sitting at the East Village at easy-to-remember 100 St. Marks Avenue, Dumpling Man provides among the greatest values to the dining dollar in town. Pick from a little but tasty menu of dumplings and side dishes which are ready en-mass with a conspicuously placed cadre of brief, rugged middle-aged Japanese ladies. Love a Sapporo along with your ample dumplings around for under $10 a meal. WAY better compared to the overburdened Rickshaw. Professional tip: try their signature Bridge is sweet-potato dumplings saturated in condensed milk and dusted with cinnamon.

Any Gyro Cart, Anywhere – I know I said you always have to perform your homework at New York City lest you stumble upon overpriced mediocrity, however there’s 1 exception to this rule. I’ve not ever had a poor Lamb Gyro at New York City, and I have never paid over $4 to get these tasty sandwiches. Walk until the initial gyro cart you visit and you’ll walk away grinning.
Based on if you are eager to carry out a small research or not, seeing New York City will likely be a huge disappointed or an unbelievable thrill ride. Leave room for spontaneity, but find out counsel when seeking to find your way through the pricey garbage in search of these experiences which make New York City so unique. For more info click Charles Brian International

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