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The 27-Year-Old Who Tells Investors and Reporters What’s New in Tech



Ryan Hoover was dancing with some friends at DNA Lounge in San Francisco last month when a stranger suddenly turned to him and asked, "Are you Ryan from Product Hunt?" A few weeks later, another person recognized him while he was working out at the gym.

"It’s been happening more than I would expect lately," Hoover says. "It makes me feel slightly more self-conscious and aware of what I’m doing."

Hoover may not be a household name for the general public, but he is a rising star in the tech community. His company Product Hunt is quickly changing the way new apps and tech products get discovered. VCs have used the site to pick their next investments, tech reporters turn to it for signals on apps to cover and founders flock to the service for feedback on products. All of that and Product Hunt hasn’t even celebrated its first anniversary yet Read more…

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