Besides simply selling your products on Amazon, there are other services out there that can help your business run more smoothly and increase your revenue, such as Amazon SEO and Amazon FBA. So how can you make money?

Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, is an interesting retail business process that Amazon sellers have the opportunity to participate in.

By utilizing Amazon SEO services like the ones we offer here at Chares Brian International, you can boost your presence on Amazon’s rankings and increase your chances of success with Amazon FBA.

How Amazon FBA Works

Before deciding to participate in it, you should make sure you are clear on how FBA works. For starters, Amazon deals with two types of sellers:

  • Direct Seller

This type of seller lists their items on the Amazon website and upon receiving orders, they handle the shipping themselves. A direct seller also has the unfortunate position of having to handle all of the customer service related tasks themselves. This includes shipping the item, handling returns, customs, and packing.

  • Indirect Seller

Indirect sellers are the type of sellers that work with Fulfillment by Amazon. If you sell indirectly, your items and products will be stored at an Amazon fulfillment center, which is a big warehouse that Amazon owns and runs. When a customer orders from you, Amazon employees at the fulfillment center will pack the item and ship it to the customer from the center.

Advantages of Utilizing Fulfillment by Amazon

Although it is not free, this service ends up being quite cost-effective and has been a game changer for plenty of businesses out there. When enrolled in Amazon FBA, Amazon employees take care of packing, shipping, returns, and any customer service related obligations for you. This is an incredibly helpful feature; every business owner knows how time consuming and tricky some customer service requests can be, not to mention that returns can be a huge hassle on their own.

This one of a kind service is only available in certain countries, but it gives even the smallest sellers a chance to operate as smoothly and well-oiled as the biggest manufacturers. Who could resist simply shipping their products off to a fulfillment center along with any and all customer service obligations?

Another huge benefit of this process is that Amazon is known for its superb customer service, and the Fulfillment by Amazon service gives smaller businesses and individual sellers the opportunity to make use of Amazon’s plethora of high quality customer service practices. Employing the customer service department of a corporation as large as Amazon eliminates any potential frustration and revenue loss that tends to derive from mismanaged customer service.

While chock full of benefits, there are some disadvantages to be aware of when utilizing Amazon FBA. These include:

  • Cost and Fees

Amazon charges by the weight of your products per pound and will add additional fees if it is larger (like a labeling fee). There is also a storage fee for all items.

  • Seller Payment Is Withheld

Another con to this process is the fact that Amazon holds onto money from product sales for two weeks in case any returns are needed for that order. So if you need money from your sales immediately, this is not the service for you.

  • Shipping Can Be More Expensive Than It Is Without FBA

Because indirect sellers are charged both when they ship their products to the fulfillment center and when their item is ordered and sent out, the final shipping cost can significantly increase. On the bright side, Amazon offers free shipping credits that FBA users can qualify for, which can help bring down the cost of shipping.

  • Your Profits May Reduce When Fees Are Taken Out

All of the fees and charges that Amazon issues are taken out of your payment before you are paid, which can be dangerous if you are dealing with items that have lower profit margins. If you keep this in mind while selling and marketing, however, this can be easily avoided.

Amazon SEO Services

Even if you are utilizing the full advantages that come with Fulfillment by Amazon, you could still be struggling to make a good enough profit. Even the best customer service in the world can’t help you if you don’t have a good Amazon product listing.

From the product listing to Amazon reviews, potential buyers value the first items they see after searching and often regard them as more reliable, especially if reviews are in their favor.

In many ways, Amazon acts as a search engine as well, and it is heavily relied upon for product purchasing by its visitors. Many visitors to the site hardly go past the first few pages of listings, so those on the first page especially get priority online traffic.

The major difference between Amazon’s visitors and the typical Google visitor is that most of the people who search on Amazon are buyers who are ready to make a purchase. If they were unsure about what to get or simply looking to do some research, they would have gone to a different online search engine source.

So, it is pretty clear that whoever has the number one ranking on Amazon gets the upper hand as far as sales go. Amazon SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is important in order to receive a decent Amazon sales rank.

How to Boost Your Amazon SEO

Here are some tips to help your product rank better:

  1. Create a Strong Headline

The title of your product needs to differentiate itself from your competitor’s product, while also being clear on what it is.

  1. Write a Clear Description

The description of your product should be short enough to skim easily but contain enough detail to describe it clearly to your potential client.

  1. Hire an Amazon SEO Services Agency

While you can do your best to have your products rank well, an experienced SEO agency, such as Charles Brian International, knows the Amazon algorithm for ranking better than anyone and can achieve the most efficient and effective results. If you want to be noticed on such a popular E-Commerce website like Amazon, a strong Amazon SEO strategy is a must.

To get started on becoming an Amazon FBA vendor, contact Charles Brian International today for a consultation! We’ll utilize our knowledge of Amazon SEO services that work and the experience of our marketing team to ensure that your Amazon selling service is a success.

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