How to Login to WordPress

how to login to wordpress

WordPress Setup URL: if your wordpress web design company installed WordPress in the root of your domain, your URL to access WordPress should be:
WordPress Username: This is the username you established when at first installing WordPress
WordPress Password: This is the password you set up when installing WordPress. If you emailed the installment information during the setup procedure it will be in that email as well.

Steps to login to WordPress.
To access the WordPress dashboard you merely require to include/ wp-admin throughout of the URL where you installed WordPress. For example:
Keep in mind! If you set up WordPress to the document origin of the link it would be If you set up WordPress on a folder called “blog site” on your domain name you would certainly most likely to

Type the username as well as password you used when you mounted your WordPress.
Keep in mind! Your WordPress login is a different login than your cPanel and your AMP. If you can not remember your Username or Password, Please see our short article on Resetting your WordPress Admin Password
As soon as you login you will certainly see the WordPress control panel.


If you set up WordPress on a brand-new domain or on a domain that is not yet sharp to your account with InMotion Hosting, you will certainly not be able to make use of the dashboard till you aim the domain name to our servers or until the DNS modifications take effect. Until then, you can set WordPress up to use your temperature LINK which can be found in your AMP technological details.

Please note: If you alter WordPress to function utilizing your temp LINK, when you prepare to have the website go live, you will require to transform it back so it will certainly operate making use of the genuine domain name instead.

I can’t login to my WordPress control panel
There are numerous reasons why you might be obtaining errors when attempting to login to your WordPress control panel. We will certainly look at a few of the common ones.

WordPress login disabled
If you are getting this mistake, it is because there have been too many failed logins on your dashboard. Our automated systems have disabled your WordPress admin to prevent your site from being jeopardized as a result of WordPress strength assaults. To fix this concern, we recommend you enhance the safety measures made use of on your WordPress site. (Click the web link listed below for pointers on exactly how to make your website extra safe.).

WordPress wp-login. php strength attack.

Username or password is incorrect.
Sometimes, customers just neglect their password. Fortunately, we have actually created a superb post on resetting your WordPress password. Click the web link listed below.

Resetting your WordPress Admin Password.

2 Variable Authentication for WordPress.
For raised safety, have a look at our complete guide on how to allow two-factor authentication for WordPress.

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