Being an Amazon seller is a simple and lucrative way to make your fortune online. Work on your own terms selling popular products – and make as much money as you can with the time that you put into it. As it happens, the Amazon tools you use can also make all the difference!

Because it’s such a convenient and profitable way to make a living, more and more people are turning to Amazon. People are choosing to become sellers either as a way to make their living, or as a source of income to generate on the side. In either case, people are turning a sizable profit from the time that they put into selling on Amazon!

One of the most important factors in making a decent turnover on Amazon, however, is the ratings on your products and how high your ranking is. Customers are significantly less likely to purchase a product if they have to sift through pages and pages of search results to find your listing. Instead, they’re much more likely to buy from your competitor, if that is what appears on the first page.

As you can see, having a high ranking could make the difference between you making a fortune on Amazon, and making nothing at all. So, what should you do to get the best product rankings possible for all your listings?

With the right tools, you can efficiently make sure that your product has a great ranking on the Amazon search results. This gives your product the most exposure possible and puts the most money in your pockets.

Here are some of the tools you can use to get the most out of your listings:

Use Amazon Tools for the Best Ranking

 When selling products on Amazon, every little thing matters – your product ratings, whether or not your product is available on Amazon Prime, how much you are charging, and especially your product ranking.

In addition, with how quickly things work in the Amazon world, taking advantage of things quickly can make a big difference in your overall profits in the long run.

So, don’t wait to take advantage of the tools at your disposal. Find Amazon tools for sale to do what you need – allowing you to make the most profit out of your Amazon listings.

Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker

 The Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker gives sellers the opportunity to see where their products are ranking for different, commonly used keywords. This useful Amazon keyword tool for sellers saves thousands of hours during a seller’s career by providing keen insights on whether or not the changes and tweaks they make overtime are actually helpful in improving the rankings of their products.

This tool even goes one step further, though – it allows users to track the rankings of their competitors. This shines light on what they are doing to grow their rankings and allows you to see whether or not it is working. If it is, you can use that to your advantage and improve on their strategies!

Listing Optimization On-Page Tool

This Amazon ranking tool allows users to effectively reach the first page of Amazon’s search results. It’s especially useful when trying to achieve page one results in a competitive category, where sellers often need all the help they can get.

To reach page one, a seller needs an extremely optimized listing. With this Amazon product ranking tool, users can increase their conversion rates – which is one of the metrics Amazon looks at when ranking products.

That means that this Amazon sales rank tool can make effective and subtle tweaks that will increase your sales and increase your ranking as a result. Talk about Amazon tools hitting two birds with one stone!

The Amazon Super URLs Tool

Super URLS are URLs that permit you to send traffic directly to your listing from Amazon. That traffic is then used to increase your Amazon search rankings. This tool is designed to make all the difference for sellers in the most competitive markets on Amazon, where it’s almost impossible to reach the first page. With this Amazon search tool, however, the impossible suddenly becomes possible!

Negative Review Notifications

 Nothing can harm your Amazon search ranking like a bad review. On Amazon, nearly everything comes back to your reviews – both positive and negative. Reviews make all the difference, and a bad one can leave a stain on your seller profile that can haunt you for a long time to come.

Good reviews are one thing that can positively impact your conversion rate and, of course, your Amazon search rank. However, it’s not only good reviews that are vital to your profits – not getting bad reviews is every bit as vital. They happen here and there, even if you have a great product. What’s important is how you handle them.

You can’t, however, handle them at all if you don’t know about them – and doing nothing may be the worst thing that you can possibly do! That’s why negative review notifications help you to take prompt action to remedy the situation, limit the impact it will have on you as a seller, and possibly get the review removed altogether.

Email Notification Tool

This is one of the most useful Amazon tools – it provides sellers with a comprehensive report on what is going on with their listings every single week. Conveniently being delivered right to a seller’s inbox, they can then analyze how their products are performing, and take a look at what is working and what isn’t to make the necessary adjustments. Stop wasting time on strategies that aren’t working simply because you don’t know they’re working – this Amazon listing tool can keep you on top of things!

Product Promotions Website  

As far as Amazon SEO tools goes, this is a very useful one. It refers to putting your product on a promotional website that offers deals on Amazon products. Websites like this, including Vipon and Snagshout, receive tens of thousands of visitors looking to do their shopping on a daily basis. Everyone loves a good deal, so if a user stumbles upon your product on one of these websites, then they will be much more likely to buy – presenting you with a flood of new customers. This helps to boost your sales velocity, and if they’re happy with the product they receive, you’ll likely get a number of good reviews out of it!

Products with higher sales velocity tend to be rewarded with a higher best seller ranking, or BSR. This continues even after your promotion on the website is over – and that’s another factor that can help to get you a higher search ranking on the Amazon search results.

Amazon Product Research

It’s always good business practice to conduct product research to stay on top of the competition. To keep your Amazon business constantly improving, you need to always be on lookout for new potentially successful listings to get inspiration on what to sell – such as with an Amazon product research tool. And if you look in the right places, you can even likely find an Amazon product research tool for free!

Amazon research tool options can help you to quickly identify what markets are hot, allowing you to enter into the game early and dominate the market’s rankings before anyone knows what hit them.

This will allow you to accumulate reviews quickly before anyone gets a chance to compete with you – making it easy to stay on top. You can even find free Amazon research tool options if you look in the right places!

Amazon product research is a broad term that can involve a lot of things, but at the end of the day it all comes down to deciding what products you want to sell before you sell them. To contrast, other Amazon tools are aimed at helping sellers to boost the rankings, conversion, and sales of listings that have already been created.

While this is also a very useful and necessary business strategy, achieving a good search ranking also starts before the listing even exists – by picking a product that people are going to like. That’s why sellers must ask themselves the following:

  • Is the listing you are considering going to be a sound investment?
  • What markets are looking hot nowadays?
  • Which do you want to stay away from?

Amazon search volume tools are one such useful type of tool you can use to find out if something is worth your time. It will tell you how often users are searching for a product or keyword, so you can know if it’s a good idea before you invest time, money, and energy into it.

Another option is an Amazon product search tool, allowing you to gain insight into how different products are doing. With the right Amazon analysis tool options, you can learn a lot about something before you decide to start selling it – which is always a good business practice, rather than simply taking a shot in the dark.

The Ultimate Tool for Amazon SEO Success

There are a lot of factors that go into getting the best result out of your listing. From choosing the right products to list, to targeting the right keywords for that listing, to optimizing your products in every way you can, everything you do makes a difference.

Not only that, but how you monitor and tweak your listing as time goes on is essential and can have huge effects on your ranking and, consequently, your profits.

But you’re an Amazon seller – that’s what you specialize in, right? Not being an Amazon SEO expert! Many sellers feel like they’re not up to the challenge of monitoring their listings day in and day out, especially if they barely know what they’re doing and have too many listings to try and keep up with.

Most sellers are far too busy trying to keep their inventory stocked and getting ahold of their products and managing shipments to worry about these different aspects of the business.

Some Amazon sellers are more than equipped to manage all of the different aspects of their business – but many also are not. And even among those that are, they may not have enough time to really juggle it all, even if they think they can.

As a result, they may not be doing as good of a job as they could be – allowing some things to slip through the cracks and, as a result, losing a lot of money as time goes on.


Does that sound like you? Remember, all of these tools are geared towards giving you the best success and profits possible out of your listings. If you can’t dedicate the time necessary to the task, then it’s best to admit that to yourself rather than lose out on a lot of potential profits. So, what should you do?


The situation described above is an extremely common one for Amazon sellers, especially those that are looking to make a living off their income from Amazon and consequently have a lot of listings to balance. This is what makes Amazon SEO services from an expert the ultimate tool in an Amazon seller’s arsenal. While the other tools we talked about above are very useful, the success that comes with an Amazon SEO expert cannot be overstated. An Amazon SEO expert knows the tricks of the trade, and the subtle details that can exponentially boost a listing’s sales.  In many situations, sellers are losing money by not investing in Amazon SEO services.


The Verdict


Having the right Amazon ranking strategies in your seller tool belt will make all the difference in becoming a successful Amazon seller. Remember to take every advantage you have to succeed in the competitive landscape that is the selling giant, Amazon. Use the best tools on Amazon to bring about incredible results that can help you to obtain financial freedom – and if you’re really serious about being an Amazon seller, then make sure to invest in the Amazon SEO services of an expert you can trust, like those you will find at Charles Brian International.

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